Adams' Peanuts Products

Cocktail Peanuts

Cocktail Peanuts

40oz. can salted $17.25
40oz. can unsalted $17.25
22oz. can salted $12.95
22oz. can unsalted $12.95

Whole Fancy Cashews

22oz. can $17.85
Butter Toasted

Butter Toasted Peanuts

22oz. can $12.95
Honey Toasted

Honey Toasted Peanuts

22oz. can $12.95
Peanut Squares

Peanut Squares

22oz. can $14.25
Chocolate Dipped

Chocolate Dipped Peanuts

22oz. can $14.95
Triple Pack

Triple Gift Pack

One 22oz. can of cocktail peanuts $40.00
One 22oz. can of chocolate covered peanuts

One 22oz. can of peanut squares
6 pound bag

Raw Peanuts

6 lb. mesh bag, in shell $9.75
5 lb. shelled $11.38
4 pound bag

Roasted Peanuts in Shell

4 lb. bag salted $13.18
4 lb. bag unsalted $13.18
25 lb. bag salted $60.00
25 lb. bag unsalted $60.00
Country Ham

Country Cured Ham

Uncooked hams, 12 to 15 pounds $4.25 per lb.

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